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ACCA LIVE — the only online portal that was established with a single agenda in mind i.e. to make quality education affordable for professional students. Today students from different parts of the world are getting even closer to their ambitions with our effective yet affordable distance learning solutions. With ACCA LIVE experience what LIVE and INTERACTIVE classes really mean.

Some of the reasons why you should be with us for preparing next exam sitting are as follows:

  • Truly LIVE and INTERACTIVE online classes: Our online classes are just like on-campus classes where students can interact with the teacher in a normal way like raise hand, ask in private even during class, talk with other fellow students in the class, speak with your teacher when he allows. Teacher responds to students’ queries on real time basis where he is engaged with the students directly. Watch demo lectures to understand more how online classes work
  • Lecture-REWIND: Never miss a live class with our Lecture-Rewind facility. You can rewind, pause, fast forward and watch again and again the recording of LIVE lecture that took place but you were unable to attend the class due to any reason. This facility comes free of cost with our LIVE online classes.
  • Distance learning / Recorded video lectures: Be your own teacher and study at the time and schedule which you find fit. Our High Definition (HD) recorded video lectures covers the syllabus and practice material extensively to prepare you for next exam session at best. These lectures aid students to learn at the pace they desire any time anywhere they like.
    If you sign up for our LIVE online classes then these video lectures are offered free of cost to you and are in addition to recorded LIVE online lectures.
  • Tutor lead weekend discussions: Every weekend, discussions are carried out to involve each and every student to question and apply the concepts learned so far in the presence of a teacher or teacher assistant. These open discussions not only help students to gain confidence but also create a friendly environment among students and the teacher to openly ask their queries without any hesitation before the concepts are tested.
  • Discussion forums: With our every online learning packages, students get access to discussion forums where they can engage in discussions with other fellow students. This way you can not only make online friends but also can hold peer discussions to solve many study related problems.
  • Offline Tutor Support: With select online learning packages, students enjoy offline tutor support where they can send their questions via e-mail to their tutors and receive replies.

  • LIVE Online Classes
    With our LIVE online classes, experience the learning right on internet which are no different then physical classes. These online classes are not only conducted real time but are also completely interactive where you can interact with your teacher and fellow students in number of ways. We offer online classes in different packages and formats which are as follows:

    • Full time Package: This package is designed for full time students who can devote most of their times to studies in a week and thus has higher frequency of classes in a week. For more details visit:
    • Part time Package: Part time package is designed for working students or those who cannot devote theirselves to studies on daily basis but can spare few days in a week to take up their studies. For details visit:
    • Intense Package: This package is specially designed to cater those students who have busy schedule throughout weekdays and thus only have weekends to spare for studies. This package pack all necessary ingredients for students to catch up with regular students easily!
    • Revision Package: If you are self studying and require affirming sessions with experienced tutor and revise the whole course extensively. Revision classes are offered free of cost with our other three LIVE online classes packages. For details visit:
  • Distance learning / Recorded  Lectures
    Many students cannot follow  certain time table to attend the classes due to number of reasons. With our most affordable distance learning solutions you can have all the freedom to be your own teacher and learn at the pace, time and style that best suits you. Our quality video lectures can explain each and every bit of the syllabus for you to best prepare your next exam sitting. Following packages are offered under distance learning / recorded lectures format:

    • Whole course Package: If you are studying the subject for the first time then whole course package best helps you in getting started and going in no time. With our detailed video lectures covering every topic examinable according to the syllabus helps you prepare at best for the exams.
    • Pay per lecture Package: Studied the subject already? Why pay for the whole course again when you can buy only those topics for which you require reinforcements or those which have been updated or newly added in the syllabus. With our pay per lecture package you have all the freedom to pick and choose the topics that you want to buy and leaving the rest to make your learning even more affordable!


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  • PakAccountants.com: PakAccountants.com is one of the few websites, if not the first website, from Pakistan which are providing some valuable resources on different professional qualifications  to students around the world. Most of these resources including, study notes, mock exams, video lectures, exam tips, articles etc are produced by our teachers and select students.
    All these study resources on PakAccountants.com are FREE of cost.
  • ASK TUTOR!: i-ask! or ASK TUTOR is one of the free services offered by PakAccountants.com to which our facutly members are contributing on continuing basis. With this service, students can ask any study related query directly our tutors and then detailed answers are published on PakAccountants.com website. It is one of the most relied upon service of self-studying students around the world.
  • Learning Management System(LMS): With our virtual LMS everything is integrated at one place for students with every study activity streamlined to supplement students’ preparation and understanding. This LMS works like virtual campus where students enter to carry out their study related tasks, take classes, answer quizzes etc.
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